Dragon Skin

Product Description

Siena Dragon Skin is a premium, ready to use waterproofing and anti-fracture membrane, manufactured with a mixture of latex polymers and other proprietary additives to produce a high quality elastomeric barrier. Dragon Skin is easily applied using a roller, trowel, paint brush or a sprayer. Dragon Skin is a light purple color when wet, and changes to a dark purple color to indicate when it is dry. Dragon Skin bonds to most surfaces, dries quickly and is ready for flood testing in 24 hours. Dragon Skin exceeds the requirements for ANSI A118.10 for waterproofing membranes and ANSI A118.12 for anti-fracture membranes. It can be used in residential, commercial, interior and exterior installations. IAPMO has listed Siena Dragon Skin for use as a shower pan liner (IAPMO R&T, File # 6892).


Dragon Skin is used on recommended substrates as a barrier to water migration, and as an anti-fracture membrane used to prevent shrinkage and non-structural cracks up to 1/8” transmitting from the substrate through to the finished goods. Dragon Skin must not be left uncovered or exposed. A highly polymer modified mortar (such as: M200, M225, M375, M400) must be used over Dragon Skin meeting ANSI A118.11 or A118.15 for tile or stone installation.

Product Data Sheet | SDS | IAPMO Report