Request a Siena Tile and Stone Installation Products presentation to learn more about our products and systems. Siena has a long history of working closely with architects and other design professionals beginning with the project conception phase, all the way through to completion. We’re committed to helping you select the best products and systems based on your project needs, as well as helping to execute your vision.  If you are a member of Master Spec you can download our specification with this link

As part of that dedication, we offer one hour AIA/CES or Siena specific presentations. One of our experienced representatives will come to your location, provide lunch, give an exciting presentation, and answer your questions.

Contractor Training

Learn about Dragon Skin waterproofing membrane, Fracture Shield crack isolation membrane, and proper mortar selection. After completion of this training, participants will be able to:

  • Apply Dragon Skin waterproofing per manufacture specifications.
  • Choose the correct mortar depending on the project needs.
  • Correctly apply crack isolation membranes and follow TCNA guidelines for expansion joints.

Architectural Training

Learn about Siena Tile & Stone Installation System warranties and products.  After completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the basics of liquid applied waterproofing and crack isolation membranes.
  • Choose the correct thinset / LHT mortar depending on project needs.
  • Siena System Warranties.

Please complete the form below or contact your local sales representative, our corporate office, or our architectural sales representatives to arrange a presentation.

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