Masonry Adhered Veneer Systems – MAVS Masonry Mortar & Grout

Product Description

MAVS Masonry Mortar & Grout is manufactured with portland cement, lime, masonry sands and other proprietary additives to produce a high quality masonry grout. It is used for grouting in exterior and interior applications of most natural and manufactured veneers, thin brick, pavers, brick, tile, stone, precast, and block. It can be used on vertical and horizontal installations in residential and commercial projects. Omega AkroLoc or Siena Admix AX100 can be used to impart greater flexibility, improve bond strength, increase water retention, and surface appearance.

Manufactured to the highest quality control standards, MAVS Grout exceeds ASTM C270 and ANSI A118.6 requirements. It is available in grey, white, and also a variety of standard and custom colors. MAVS Grout is part of Omega’s Masonry Adhered Veneer Systems (MAVS) family of products backed by Omega’s system warranties.


MAVS Masonry Mortar & Grout is designed to be used between veneer joints of natural stone and manufactured veneers, brick, tile, stone, pavers, block, precast and masonry. It can be used on vertical and horizontal substrates in residential and commercial, exterior and interior applications.

Product Data Sheet | SDS