Admix AX300 Admixture

Product Description

Siena Admix AX300 is an acrylic resin admixture manufactured with high quality polymers and proprietary additives to produce a premium admixture for non-modified mortars. Siena Admix AX300 promotes increased flexibility, adhesion and higher bond strength. Siena Admix AX300 can be used to enhance the performance of non-modified mortars such as: ThinSet 510, Premium Set 550, Fast Set 595, and Deck Mud. Siena Admix AX300 complies with ANSI A118.4 and A118.6.


Siena Admix AX300 is specially formulated to be used in combination with non-modified mortars to increase water retention, impart greater flexibility, improve bond strength and surface appearance. When Siena Admix AX300 is used with non-modified mortars, it improves bond strength, density, flexibility and adhesion. Siena Admix AX300 can be used in non-modified mortars that are for floors and walls in residential and commercial projects.

Product Data Sheet | SDS