Mastic 625

Product Description

A non-slip high performance, smooth spreading premium mastic formulated for interior installation of all types of wall and floor tiles on vertical or horizontal surfaces. Siena Mastic 625 is a Type 1 organic mastic adhesive used to install most tiles and stones. Organic mastics are not recommended for exterior use. Siena Mastic 625 can be used to install ceramic tile, mosaics tiles, glazed wall tile, quarry tile, slate and pavers, up to 12” x 12”. Siena Mastic 625 is non-flammable, freeze-thaw stable to 10º F and exceeds ANSI-A-136.1.


Tile and stone including ceramic, mosaics, glazed wall tile, quarry tile, slate, and pavers, up to 12” x 12”. Do not use to install button back or lug back tiles.

Product Data Sheet | SDS