M300 Pro Set Flex

Product Description

Siena Pro Set Flex M300 is a high performance polymer-modified mortar designed to give superior bond strength to the most demanding tile installations. Siena Pro Set Flex M300 is manufactured with a mixture of Portland cement, graded aggregates and other proprietary additives to produce a flexible, high quality tile adhesive with non sag and mildew resistant properties. Siena Pro Set Flex M300 has a greater open time and coverage than standard mortars. It is available in both white and gray colors and exceeds the requirements of ANSI A118.4, A118.11 and A118.15.


Siena Pro Set Flex M300 is used as a polymer-modified mortar for interior and exterior application of most tile, stone, glass tile, pavers, and thin brick veneers. Siena Pro Set Flex M300 can be used on floors and walls up to 3/16” thick in high traffic commercial projects, and residential.

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